Postcard: King Estate Winery, Oregon

KingEstate2 KingEstateEventSpace KingEstateSunsetView2King Estate Winery in Eugene, Oregon



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5 responses to “Postcard: King Estate Winery, Oregon

  1. Charlotte Hey

    Hey Lauren,

    How are you? Did you get your diploma in the end?

    I was just about to write to you and this popped into my in box…coincidence. I love reading your posts.

    I am organising a small lunch for another of my clients on the 16th September in New York, and I wondered if you were free to join the owner María del Yerro and learn about the wines.

    Alonso del Yerro is a boutique winery in Ribera del Duero, members of the Grandes Pagos de España, and beginning to gain recognition outside of Spain for their wines. They are imported into the US by Touton Selection. It is a family run winery with Maria del Yerro and her son Miguel Alonso del Yerro running the show. They are looking to talk about not just their wines but also their aims for the US market which is very much oriented to the On-trade, given the quality and pitch. In addition, charming people with a real passion for heir terroir who are great to be with and have a lot to say about Spanish wines at a premium level, and I thought that, if you had time, you would enjoy meeting them and finding out about the wines. You can find out more about the bodega on their site and of course, I can send you more information too.

    The offer of the trip to visit the Grandes Pagos is still on, as we discussed at the end of last year Jerez. There is one happening mid-Octiber and in mid-November if you feel like coming back to Spain and having a laugh!

    Look forward to hearing from you.



  2. Beautiful photos, Lauren! Hope you had a wonderful trip to Oregon and sorry I was unable to be in town.

  3. Picture perfect postcards! Cheers!

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