Where I am going



November 17-19: Piedmont, Italy

December 4-7: Calistoga, California

December 16-January 6: Sri Lanka and Mumbai

January 16-25: Patagonia, Chile

February 16-22: Bordeaux, France


6 responses to “Where I am going

  1. BTW i spent 6 months developing exports and social media for Domaine du Closel (Savennieres at its finest!) … we sold our wine at Astor Wine and Spirits (and Chambers Street Wines) … small world …

  2. Looking forward to your comments about the wines of the Barossa Valley!!

  3. If you need some winery contacts in Marlborough (I assume you’re going to visit Marlborough whilst in NZ) please let me know. I’m a California-transplant also pursuing the wine dream here in Marlborough, and have many friends in the industry. Cheers!

    • Lauren Mowery

      Hi. Thanks for reaching out. I have a pretty busy schedule in Marlborough, but would love to see your list of contacts. Maybe I am already visiting, or if not, could look out for them while I am there, as I will also be at the wine fest on Saturday. email me at wineandword@gmail.com. Thanks!

  4. Looking forward for your review / comment on Colorado. Have a great time!

  5. Laurent Haddad

    lucky one !

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