Postcard: Vineyard Hammock, Austria


Hammocks strung across vineyards in Langenlois, Austria


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7 responses to “Postcard: Vineyard Hammock, Austria

  1. That looks amazing! What are you enjoying drinking while you’re there?
    Color me jealous! A votre sante’!

  2. how… strung my heart feels as that picture makes me feel 5 years old again and I long for those days… thank you for sharing such a wonderful picture.

  3. Reblogged this on Beginning Life at 43 and commented:
    I saw this and had to share because it made my heart skip.. I hope you enjoy such beauty from across the world right now.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

  5. Lauren Mowery

    I appreciate the appreciation. Thanks for all your comments!

  6. I am interested in using the picture of the hammocks in the vineyard for my website. I am the owner of Rooftop Reds, LLC. Rooftop Reds is a Brooklyn, NY based rooftop vineyard. We are currently building out a new 14,000 sq ft rooftop vineyard and a new website. Wanted to ask you if you own the rights to the hammock picture and see if we could potentially use the image.

    Best regards,

    Devin Shomaker

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