Where I am going: Post-Sandy clean-up at Red Hook Winery


Red Hook Winery

Tomorrow I head out to Red Hook Winery on Pier 41. Having just returned from a long trip to Italy, extended by a week due to flight cancellations from Sandy, I am only now getting up to speed on the amount and severity of damage done by the hurricane.  Unfortunately, the destruction includes near devastation to our local and beloved RHW.  A few weeks back, I tasted the exciting wines being made by Abe Schoener and Robert Foley, helmed by head winemaker Christopher Nicolson. At the time, I remarked how gorgeous their location was over the water, particularly when the sun dropped below the horizon. Sadly, Mother Nature giveth and she taketh away, and reports suggest RHW is facing a near total loss.  I will be volunteering all morning and apprising readers of the situation through the Village Voice and my blog, with updates on volunteer opportunities and cloudy crystal ball predictions for their future. Stay tuned.

For the most comprehensive report from Christopher on RHW’s situation, please see Nona Brooklyn for a heartbreaking interview given last week on the 2nd. Hopefully tomorrow, a week later, the RHW team will have dug from the debris more hopeful news.

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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >Where I am going: Post-Sandy clean-up at Red Hook Winery | CHASING THE VINE <Liked it!

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