I have lived in New York City for the last 15 years, and have been fond of both travel and wine for all of my adult existence.  I was once a Manhattan lawyer (and technically still am).  I unintentionally followed in the footsteps of Robert Parker and many other disillusioned advocates by swapping a lucrative but dreary career in law for a dream of one in wine.  In pursuit of that dream, I worked at Gilt Taste in their wine group start-up.  I spent nearly a year building the wine team and wine collection from ground-up and wrote the content for their wine product pages and food pairings. I have spent the last three years studying for my WSET Diploma and am near to graduating.

After completing my project with Gilt, I decided to pursue wine writing permanently. Over the last two years, I have penned a weekly online wine column for legendary NYC publication The Village Voice called Unscrewed, as well as contributed to several publications including Wine & Spirits, Wine Enthusiast, Saveur, Fodors.com, and Palate Press. In addition to Unscrewed, I write a coffee and tea column called Filtered, also for The Village Voice.  Both my personal blog and Village Voice column were nominated for Best New Wine Blog of the Year, and Chasing the Vine for Best Photography on a Wine Blog by the American Wine Bloggers Association. Chasing the Vine won Best New Wine Blog of 2013.

Contact me: wineandword@gmail.com

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  2. wow GREAT site Lauren ! … my dad is friends with “James S. Mowery” … I think you may know the guy … ;-) … any who CHEERS TO AN AMAZING AND VINOUS 2013!!!!

    • LAM

      Thanks for the note Kenny! I will take a look at your site as well. Happy 2013!

      • De rien Lauren! … Please do check out my site … unfortunately I’ve been neglecting it lately, posting only tasting notes and what not very intermittently… however there’s some really juicy stuff back in 2009 and 2010 … Cheers!! :-)

  3. Arnold Waldstein

    Just discovered your blog when I saw your Twitter follow.

    You now have a new reader!

    Question for you–I’m a tech entrepreneur, web and wine blogger and one of my projects, theLocalSip is while still a neonate, showing some early signs of staying power as a platform for the NY wine community.

    Rebuilding it now, broadening it and gathering input from the blogger community.

    Love to get yours as well. arnold@thelocalsip.com


  4. Hi Lauren,
    Looking forward to meeting you at the conference. P.S. I would love for you to come taste our wines Thursday 5:30 in the Zinfandel room.. I have our Walla Walla winemaker pouring wines I know you will appreciate.

    Monique Guiger

  5. Brittany

    I noticed you haven’t listed Chilean wine as one you’ve tried. Here’s a video about why wine from Chile is so special, it might interest you:


    Also, Chile is beautiful, if you ever get a chance to travel there and visit their vineyards.

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